Dating After 50: tips for carrying it out Right

Dating After 50: tips for carrying it out Right

Don’t Talk About Your Ex Partner

These are uncomfortable territory, you’ve likely had your fair share of relationship ups and downs over the years if you’re in your 50s. Whilst it may be tempting to discuss past relationships (especially in case your date takes the discussion there first), resist the desire, specially regarding the date that is first. Speaking at any size regarding the ex (or worse—how your ex-husband cheated, or your last relationship finished since the man you’re dating couldn’t get their life together) will probably be a turn-off that is downright.

Keep consitently the discussion good, and resist sharing your relationship war stories. Should you point out your ex partner, or your date asks, ensure that it it is brief and tactful.

Do Mention The Kids, but Don’t Gush

If you’ve got kids, mention them if expected or if perhaps it pops up obviously in conversation (it nearly certainly will), but don’t go on incessantly about them, specially on an initial date. Your date is much more apt to be thinking about hearing about yourself than regarding the son’s university choices or your daughter’s new punk-rock-loving boyfriend. Continue reading Dating After 50: tips for carrying it out Right